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If you have been arrested in New York, you're likely worried about what is going to happen to you now.  You are now pondering the two most common questions for someone who was arrested: Am I going to jail?  Do I have a criminal record?  Unfortunately, if you have been browsing the web looking for answers, you probably have encountered frightening, loud advertisements that only increased your anxieties. 

You have now found a different sort of a law firm.  We apply a calm, focussed approach to helping you solve your problem.

Take a breath.  Relax.  Let's think about it, together.

Call us or text us at 718-268-2171 for an honest, calm explanation of your situation from a New York City criminal defense attorney who can draw on  27 years experience with cases just like yours.  

More often than you might think, it is possible to navigate safely through the criminal justice system.  All you need is the right guide.  

You need a guide who won't try to scare you with possibilities that are in truth highly unlikely.  You need a guide who won't build unreasonably rosy expectations to gain your confidence when in truth there may be some tough choices ahead.  You need calm, reliable advice from a criminal defense lawyer with plenty of local experience you can rely on in this important time.



Shalley & Murray has been fighting for people accused of crimes in New York since 1996. The founding partners, Don Murray and James Shalley, have more than 27 years experience each defending people against criminal accusations in the courtrooms of New York State.  Shalley and Murray has offices in New York City and Westchester County.

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If you are charged with a misdemeanor like DWI, Assault, Petit Larceny (shoplifting), marijuana or drug possession, there are usually lots of good possibilities to resolve your case quickly and economically.  But be careful.  It is useful to have the assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer to make sure it ends in the best way possible.

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Felony Charges

If you are charged with a felony like robbery, burglary, felony assault, or weapons charges, then there is no doubt that you face some serious obstacles.  But your situation may not be as dire as it seems, or as dire as some may be trying to make it seem.    With felony charges you need information from a reliable lawyer the sooner the better.


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It is NOW possible to seal Criminal convictions in New York (Starting October, 2017)

New York State recently passed a new law, Criminal Procedure Law Section 160.59, that will make it possible for people to get up to TWO criminal convictions, including one felony conviction sealed.  This represents a dramatic new shift in policy for New York.  The new law requires that a legal motion be filed and argued to the Court.  Shalley and Murray is ready to begin preparing your motion today.  Call us at 718-268-2171 to get started putting your conviction behind you.

Visit our dedicated website about sealing criminal convictions in New York to find out more.  Not only will you be able to read about the Section 160.59 conviction sealing law in depth, but you will also be able to find out how a lawyer can help you to get your conviction sealed.

New Section of Articles about the New York Criminal Justice System 

A new section of all articles by Don Murray is now available on this site.  Look for "The System" in the main menu and you will soon find in-depth articles relating to important issues and common questions about the Criminal Justice System in New York, with a particular emphasis on New York City. 

The first article discusses the peculiar problem of Criminal Possession of Weapon charges at our airports that frequently arises when people from other parts of the country attempt to travel with their otherwise lawfully possessed weapons.  The good people who often get caught up in cases such as this face a nightmare scenario of being accused of violent felony offenses where there is virtually no realistic defense.  Mr. Murray, however, describes how this problem is frequently able to be solved.   

Additional articles now include an article about Marijuana charges in New York City and a brief overview of how to begin to understand Robbery charges in New York

Look for more articles of similar depth and general interest to continue to follow.

There are a few different paths that can bring a person into the New York City Criminal Courts, and Shalley and Murray can provide the necessary guidance along all of these paths. 

The most common path starts with the traditional arrest, where a person is arrested and held in custody, usually for about 24 hours, until the first appearance, or arraignment.  This is the most familiar entry point to Criminal Courts, but there are others.  

In some cases, people who are arrested will qualify for Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs).  This procedure results in the person arrested being released after initial processing to appear for arraignment at a future date.

New York City also distributes hundreds of thousands of small pink summonses that look deceptively like traffic tickets, but in fact often charge misdemeanor criminal offenses.  Summons Court in New York City is a subset of the Criminal Court, and therefore people are wise to take pink summonses seriously.

Call for information about any of these entry points to the Criminal Justice System in New York City, or for more information online, visit our separate informational websites devoted to these specific paths.

For more information about the traditional path through the New York City Criminal Courts visit our informational website where you will find a wealth of articles and information about the New York Criminal Justice system.

For more information about Desk Appearance Tickets, visit our website devoted exclusively to DATs at  

For more information about Pink Summonses in New York City, visit our website devoted exclusively to Pink Summonses at

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