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If you have been arrested in New York City, you're likely worried about what is going to happen to you now.  At Shalley and Murray, we have helped countless people facing the same sorts of problems that face you now.  Let our experience be your guide.

As criminal defense attorneys with decades of courtroom experience in New York City, we have the confidence to apply a calm, focused approach to helping you solve your problem with the Court. 

We earn our reputation in Court, day after day.   

Call for an honest, calm, and thorough explanation of your situation, and then let us begin to develop a plan to work through your problem.  

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Shalley & Murray has been fighting for people accused of crimes in New York City since 1996. The founding partners, Don Murray and James Shalley, have more than 27 years experience each defending people against criminal accusations in the courtrooms of Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx.  Whether it is an assault charge in Queens, a shoplifting charge in Manhattan, or a drug possession charge in Brooklyn, we have been there countless times before.

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If you are charged with a misdemeanor like DWI, Assault in the Third Degree, Petit Larceny (shoplifting), marijuana or drug possession, there are usually lots of good possibilities to resolve your case quickly and economically.  But be careful.  It is useful to have the assistance of an experienced New York City criminal lawyer to make sure it ends in the best way possible.

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Felony Charges

If you are charged with a felony like robbery, burglary, felony assault, or weapons charges, then there is no doubt that you face some serious obstacles.  But your situation may not be as dire as it seems, or as dire as some may be trying to make it seem.    With felony charges you need information from a reliable lawyer the sooner the better.


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New York City Arraignment Attorney

If a loved one has disappeared into the New York City arraignment system and you don't know where to turn for information, you can start right here.  We offer several articles about the arraignment process in New York City, the various arraignment courts in New York City in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan, and on how and why it is important to hire a lawyer for arraignments.  In addition, the founding partners at Shalley and Murray, Don Murray and James Shalley have handled quite literally thousands of arraignments in New York City over the last 27 years.  We can help with your loved one's arraignment too.

Articles about the New York Criminal Justice System and NY CRIMINAL law 

Explore articles about the NYC Criminal Justice System by New York City criminal defense veteran Don Murray .  Look for "The System" in the main menu and you will find many in-depth articles relating to important issues and common questions about the Criminal Justice System in New York, with a particular emphasis on New York City. 

One article discusses the peculiar problem of Criminal Possession of Weapon charges at our airports that frequently arises when people from other parts of the country attempt to travel with their otherwise lawfully possessed weapons.  The good people who often get caught up in cases such as this face a nightmare scenario of being accused of violent felony offenses where there is virtually no realistic defense.  Mr. Murray, however, describes how this problem is frequently able to be solved. 

Explore more technical legal issues in articles in the "Law Library" section of the main menu above.  Read, for example, an introduction to New York Sentencing Rules in Criminal Cases in an article by Don Murray. 

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