Why Choose Shalley and Murray to Prepare and Argue Your Section 160.59 Motion To Seal Your Criminal Conviction?


The sealing provisions under Section 160.59 require that real, substantive motions, customized to the client, be prepared, filed, and argued to the court. In some cases, the District Attorney will force the motion to a formal in-Court hearing in front of a real Criminal Court Judge.

Searching the web, you can find a variety of organizations identifying themselves as "nationwide" law firms offering sealing services to people around the entire United States. While these organizations may have financial relationships with anonymous"licensed lawyers" in your state, take care that you get the service you deserve from a lawyer who is actually familiar with the Court where the sealing motion is made. 

The advertisements for these organizations talk of sending a "licensed attorney" with you to court in the event a hearing is required. That doesn't sound terribly personalized or inspiring, does it?  Who is appearing?  Have you ever met this person before? Did this person actually prepare your motion?  Has this person ever appeared in your court before?  What opportunity did you have, before you paid money, to review that lawyer's qualifications and experience in the court where you need to file your motion. Has this person ever appeared before the judge who will make the decision in your case?



A 160.59 motion to seal your criminal conviction isn't boiler plate, template driven nonsense that a paralegal should prepare from some office in a faraway state and serve on the Court by mail, signed off on by an anonymous, yet to be determined "licensed attorney".  

This is a serious, high stakes motion that requires a high level of care and attention, where every possible advantage must be exploited. That means you should find a criminal defense lawyer familiar with the Court, familiar with the players, and with sufficient courtroom skill and experience to give you the greatest possible chance of success with your motion. 



Shalley and Murray is exactly the law firm you need if you are hoping to get a conviction sealed in New York City, Westchester, or Nassau County. We have only practiced criminal defense in these courts for more than 25 years. We know the courts, we know the players, and we have the courtroom skills and experience to argue the motion and do the hearing in Court.  

We will never send an anonymous "licensed attorney" to conduct what could the most important legal proceeding in your life. The person who will interview you, prepare your motion, file your motion, and argue your motion will be the same person - either Don Murray or James Shalley, whoever you initially engaged. 

Getting a criminal conviction sealed offers life altering benefits including opening up previously unavailable employment opportunities potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) over a career. Getting a criminal conviction sealed means taking back your good name and reputation. This one legal motion, therefore, is arguably one of the most important legal events that will ever happen in your life. You need to make sure you have the best chance of success. You need Shalley and Murray. 


Some way or another things didn't necessarily work out in Criminal Court before, in that you ended up with a criminal conviction. Maybe a jury verdict went against you. Maybe you felt backed into a corner to take the plea that gave you the conviction. 

Now, if you are eligible, you are in a position to take aim at that part of your past that is holding you back. 

But you have one chance. One motion.  

Make sure you make it count.  Know who your lawyer is up front. Know where your lawyer is. Make sure the motion that gets filed is prepared for you personally by the lawyer who will argue it, and someone who is as familiar with the courthouse as he is with his own back yard. 

You may feel like your last experience in Court that led to your getting the conviction was less than ideal. 

This time, let us leverage our more than twenty-five years of criminal defense skill and experience to press every possible advantage for you. 

Let's do this right. 

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Don Murray, founding partner and 27 year veteran New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer, has already filed numerous sealing motions under the new conviction sealing law in a variety of types of cases in Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Nassau County.  He can help you too.  Call now for your free consultation.