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Enjoy the freedom from noise and confusion. 

Enjoy the clarity of the articles. 

Enjoy the freedom from fear.


In our website, we SHOW you what we know.  We don't TELL you what we know.

We don't believe in shouting at you to tell you we are reliable experienced, New York City criminal lawyers.  We show you instead, so you can see for yourself.  Take some time to read our articles about the criminal justice system or cases we have handled, or about the charges you may be facing, or take a "deep dive" into recent cases illustrating interesting aspects of criminal law and you will see for yourself that we not only know what we are doing, but that we can explain it all to you.  

We aren't in the business of Scaring You

So many criminal defense websites are built around fear.  You are "looking at" all kinds of jail time, they will say.  Hire us or go to jail is the implication.  The truth is that especially for those who have never been arrested before and who are charged with misdemeanor offenses, worrying about jail is about as realistic as worrying about how you will spend your lottery winnings tonight.  We encourage a calm, rational approach to understanding your case.  We have no desire to scare anyone into hiring us.

We try to make your time on our site pleasant

So many criminal defense lawyer websites are filled with crazy numbers of links, pop up boxes, forms, and more.  Every inch of space on your screen is seen as an opportunity to shout something else at you.  What is important?  What isn't important?  On this site, you will notice that we have made significant effort to provide a clean, readable design.  The information you need is right there, with as few distractions as possible.  

In our articles, we are talking to YOU.  We aren't talking to the Google Web Crawler.

Ever wonder why some of the articles on other criminal lawyer sites are written in a kind of peculiar way?  Most of the articles on other lawyer websites are very carefully written by search engine optimizing marketing companies, and aren't even written by the lawyers.  That's because the text of the web pages of most of these sites isn't being written for you to read.  It's being written for the Google Web Crawler to read.  The marketing companies are trying to trick Google into thinking that these web pages are relevant on particular phrases in order to get Google to place them high up on search results.  They don't care about you or whether the articles make sense to you.  In fact, they affirmatively don't want the article to make too much sense to you.  The goal is to force you to call them because you are confused, or scared, or both.

Our articles are written by our lawyers.  Period.  No search engine marketer writes our content.  Our articles are written to provide information and explain.  

I hope you find the information available here on this site readable, understandable, and helpful.  Thank you for visiting us.

By Don Murray, Partner


Don Murray, founding partner of Shalley and Murray.

Don Murray, founding partner of Shalley and Murray.