Sealing Criminal Conviction Records in New York

Thanks to a brand new, as of October 2017, law in New York State, many people are now eligible to seal up to two criminal convictions, including one felony.  The process involves preparing, filing, and defending a motion to seal the conviction(s) in criminal court.  Given the complexity of the analysis required under the law in order to make the appropriate arguments to the Court, getting the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer is a wise choice.  We have already helped a number of people clean their records in New York City and Nassau County.  We can help you too.  Follow the links below to articles and information you need about one of the most exciting and positive new developments in Criminal Law in New York.

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The motion to seal a conviction under the new New York law Section 160.59 represents a major step forward for New York Criminal Law, but it is not an automatic or easy process for a non-lawyer to navigate.  The rules require that a judge consider a number of factors, some of which include the need to make legal arguments that many people will be unfamiliar with making.  Further, the rules account for the possibility of needing to defend the motion at an actual court hearing with witnesses and evidence.  Therefore getting legal help is important.  Read this article about our conviction sealing service and how it works.

Click on the link to take our online eligibility quiz for sealing of your conviction(s).  Answer a few simple questions to get an idea about whether or not you might be eligible to have your conviction(s) sealed.

Read this article for a breakdown of the new conviction sealing law by veteran criminal defense lawyer Don Murray, who has already prepared, filed, and successfully obtained sealing of convictions for clients in New York City and Nassau County.