Pink Summons General Info Page

Recently, the pink summons system in New York City has undergone some significant changes in policy.  Many matters that were formally charged on the pink summonses sending people to Criminal Court are now being followed in OATH courts.  Nevertheless, many matters still find their way to the Criminal Court pink summons courts and we can help.  Click on the links below to read critical information you need to know about these summons matters prepared by veteran New York City criminal lawyer and founding partner, Don Murray.

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More than just a nuisance, pink summonses have the power to create some headaches for people in a variety of ways that make paying attention to these relatively simple tickets worthwhile.    Read here to find out what you need to know.

Here is analysis of the pros and cons of your various general options when deciding how to respond to a pink summons.

Many people get pink summonses in New York City while they are visiting New York for a short time and are concerned about having a court appearance scheduled after their scheduled departure date.  While this does represent a difficulty, it is a manageable problem.  Read this article for information you need to know if you received a pink summons and you are not able to be present on your scheduled date.

Some people are tempted to imagine that it is not worthwhile to get legal help on something so "trivial" as a pink summons.  Read this article for information you need to consider if you are thinking of showing up to court and hoping for the best.  Pink summons matters may be small problems, but they are small problems worth solving well.

New York City seems to be in a constant war with trucks and the trucking companies are the recipients of quite a few pink summonses for trucking violations.  Some of these violations can carry breathtaking fines.  Corporations are required by law to be represented by counsel in court, and thus over the years, Shalley and Murray has represented numerous corporations across New York City defending criminal summonses in the pink summons courts.