Petit Larceny Lawyer

If you have been accused of petit larceny (PL Section 155.25, often called "shoplifting" or "petit theft" or even "petty theft")  in New York City, including Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Bronx, then you may well be wondering how you find yourself in this situation, in need of a criminal defense lawyer for a petit larceny case.

Never arrested before?  We understand your anxiety.

Maybe it was an argument with your spouse.  Maybe you are experiencing some sort of trauma or major transition in your life.  Maybe you just had a bad day at work or school.  Maybe it was simply a misunderstanding that got out of control.  Whatever the reason, you now find yourself accused of shoplifting in New York City, and in need of a criminal defense lawyer with experience handling petit larceny cases like yours.  You are probably experiencing a variety emotions at this point.  Maybe you are embarrassed, afraid that you are going to get a criminal record, or lose your job, or worse.

Most likely, you have been given a Desk Appearance Ticket to appear about a month or so away.  Most likely you are fretting about this, and losing sleep over this.  You are online doing research and have discovered various unsatisfying or terrifying sites making all kinds of wild claims.

Relax.  Think.  Breathe.  As long as your situation is handled properly, the odds are you are going to be just fine.  We have the compassion to listen and the experience born of 27 years practicing exclusively criminal defense to know how best position you for the most favorable outcome possible.

You will find no outlandish claims here.  You will find no terrifying images of jail cells or suggestions that you are realistically "looking at" one year at Rikers Island.  We have a solid reputation built on day to day experience in New York City Criminal Courts for more than two decades.  There are plenty of lawyers who will scream about getting 1000's of cases dismissed or who proclaim their status as "aggressive" trial lawyers who win all their cases, "as seen on TV".  They feed on comic book images of what it means to be a criminal defense lawyer.

We don't make outlandish bold claims about what we will do or have done

We just quietly do it and get out of the way.

Mr. Murray has more than 27 years exclusively criminal defense experience, has written a chapter for a Criminal Defense reference work called "Criminal Defense Techniques", has published dozens of articles about the New York City Criminal Justice System, and has consulted as an expert on the New York City Criminal Justice system for various media productions, including most recently for the NBC television miniseries "The Slap."   Mr. Murray has provided expert testimony about the workings of the NYC Criminal justice system on an international extradition matter out of London, England.  Mr. Murray has never prosecuted anyone or put anyone in the position where you now find yourself.

So if you have had enough of being confused, showered with bold claims about getting cases dismissed and winning trials, and terrified in your search for information and help, read this article about outcomes that may be realistically available on petit larceny (shoplifting) accusations in New York City. 

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Petit Larceny Lawyer Don Murray

Don Murray, founding partner at Shalley and Murray, has been a criminal defense lawyer in New York City for more than 27 years.  In that time, he has represented countless good people accused of petit larceny charges, many of whom have never been arrested before, and seen to it that they concluded the process in as favorable a manner as possible.  He brings 27 years of experience and compassion to handling petit larceny cases.  He can help you too.  Call or text now for your free consultation.

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