Articles of Interest About How the New York City Criminal Justice System Operates

Founding Partner Don Murray has written several popular articles outlining issues of interest to people who find themselves contending with the New York City Criminal Justice System.  Have a look around and see if there is something of interest to you or someone you care about.

New York City Criminal Lawyer Don Murray

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Adjournments in Contemplation of Dismissal are often considered a sort of "Holy Grail" of settlements in Criminal Cases in New York City Criminal Courts.  Click on the link to learn more about ACD's (or ACOD's as they are called in Nassau County) and what the fuss is all about.

Bail and bail bonds are the means by which many people can remain at liberty while their cases are pending in New York City Criminal Courts.  Read this article to find out why some people must post bail or bond and others might not have to, what the difference is between bail and bond, and what goes into Judges' decisions about bail and bond.

"How much time am I looking at?" is a common and obvious question for anyone accused of any offense in the New York City Criminal Justice System.  While sentencing in criminal cases can be extremely complex, involving some abstract legal issues and a maze of different sentencing laws and charts, this article, by veteran New York City criminal lawyer Don Murray, will give a brief overview of the sentencing structure in New York with concrete examples.

When investigating criminal cases, the police will often contact people they obviously suspect of wrongdoing and suggest that they would like to "talk" or "clear some things up".  It is tempting to be lured into discussions by these phrases and by the wrong notion that failure to talk will "look bad".  Read this discussion about how to approach the situation when the police want to talk to you or someone you care about.

One of the most common DWI related questions for any criminal defense lawyer is whether or not a person should blow into the breath machine when requested to do so by the police.  Read this article for veteran criminal defense lawyer Don Murray's answer to this question.  His answer may surprise you.

If you have had a discussion with a New York City criminal defense lawyer and the lawyer seemed magically able to predict certain things about your case after being told simply the name of the courtroom where your case is pending, it isn't magic.  You would be surprised how much information is possible to know about your case simply by knowing the courtroom name.  Criminal Lawyer Don Murray begins to demystify the magic in this article.

If you or someone you care about is on probation and is being threatened with a violation of probation or is already being violated, you need to know about this very dangerous situation.  Don Murray explains what to expect from a violation of probation proceeding.