You received a Pink Summons in New York City but you do not live in New York City

Some visitors to New York City find themselves in the awkward position of being presented with pink tickets or summonses for seemingly minor infractions. The return dates on the these summonses will typically be weeks later, after the visitor is scheduled to leave New York City. Frequently, the visitor is left wondering whether the matter really requires the inconvenience of a personal appearance or whether it can be dealt with by mail, by counsel, or what would happen if the matter were simply ignored.

Ignoring the ticket is not a good idea.

If you ignore a parking ticket, the consequences are probably purely monetary. In other words, fines may increase, penalties may increase, judgments may be entered against you, but your personal freedom is not likely to be interrupted because you failed to pay a parking ticket.

On the other hand, if you ignore a pink summons, a Warrant will issue for your arrest. Now does this mean that the SWAT team will be blasting down your door in California the next day? Not very likely.

For those who do not live within the reach of the warrant squads of the New York City Police Department, a warrant on a pink summons can, however, haunt you in a few different ways.

First, if you endure background checks for employment, you may discover that your boss is told that you have a warrant for some offense in New York City and that you must clear it up.

Second, if you ever visit New York City, and if you have any interaction with the police (including traffic ticket) a warrant check will reveal your warrant and could turn a simple speeding ticket into a night in jail.

Third, if you travel by airplane internationally, it is possible that the warrant will appear as you attempt to reenter the country and it could cause you considerable grief, although ultimately it would probably be resolved.

Therefore, ignoring the ticket is not a good idea. So what are your options? Click here to review your options when you are given a Pink Summons in New York City.

Hiring a Lawyer from Shalley and Murray

If you are from out of town and want someone to appear for you, or even if you are from New York City and want someone to appear with you, we can help.

We charge a flat appearance fee for pink summons cases to justify the time for an attorney from our office making the appearance. This fee covers all conversations and correspondence with the client, and the appearance in Court to resolve the matter, if that is your wish. For those non New York City residents who want us to appear for them, we provide a detailed affidavit for you to sign providing us the authority to appear on your behalf, pay fines on your behalf, and obtain a certificate of disposition (official proof the case was resolved).

Of course if you wish to appear and actually take the matter to trial, that would require additional preparation and therefore a more comprehensive fee structure would be required.


James Shalley, founding partner at Shalley and Murray has helped many people in the Summons Courts of NYC Criminal Courts in 27 years of exclusively practicing criminal defense.  He can help you too.  Call or text now for your free consultation.

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