New York County Arraignments

Overview of New York County (Manhattan) Arraignments

By Don Murray, Esq.

Manhattan arraignment court is legendary for its volume of cases and for the days when that volume was so high that arraignments often ran 24 hours a day.  The since abandoned "lobster shift" arraignment session used to last from 1 AM to 9 AM on some of the busier days of the week.  These days, arraignments in Manhattan track the arraignment schedules of the other counties, running two sessions day, every day.  The first session begins at 9 AM and concludes at 5PM.  The second session begins at 5PM and concludes at 1 AM.  On slower days the second session (night court) can conceivably close earlier than 1 AM.  There aren't that many slower days in Manhattan.   

The main location where most arraignments will take place in Manhattan will be the Criminal Court building located at 100 Centre Street.  The arraignment courtrooms are on the first floor on the opposite side of the building from where you enter, accessible through a central hallway near the circular information desk.

A smaller number of arraignments will be held in Midtown Community Court, although these arraignments are primarily going to be for Desk Appearance Tickets and certain other petty offenses.   

Your first assumption should be that any arraignment is going to be at 100 Centre Street, since the vast majority of arraignments will be held there.  Therefore, if you are unsure where the arraignment will be, go first to 100 Centre Street


New York (Manhattan) Criminal Court Arraignments are held in the following locations:

  • New York Criminal Court building located at 100 Centre Street
  • Midtown Community Court, located at 314 W 54 Street

Maps and Directions

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