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Queens Criminal Lawyer - Local Defense Counsel in The Big City

The value of having advice of local counsel in a criminal case should never be underestimated, and it therefore makes sense to consider engaging local counsel, such that if say, you are required to be in Queens Criminal Court, that you engage someone who could properly lay claim to being a Queens Criminal Attorney.

Local counsel, or a Queens Criminal Attorney for a Queens Criminal case is able to provide you with a deep understanding of not just the technical operation of the criminal law, which is essentially the same all over New York State, but with a granular level of detail that reaches into the individual attitudes of individual players in the system - the Judges, prosecutors, and court staff.  This is not about sinister undercurrents of suggestion that improper influence is being brought to bear such as former prosecutors suggesting that their status of former prosecutors will grant you some sort of special service.  This is about knowing the policies and attitudes of people and knowing the way things really work so that the positions that you take in your case and the arguments you make are built to put you in the strongest possible position with the highest likelihood of success.

Of course, over the past 27 years we have developed a practice that encompasses all of the courthouses in New York City and some beyond, but for example, we can certainly lay claim to a "local counsel" status in Queens such that we certainly are Queens Criminal Lawyers with a depth of experience handling cases in Queens Criminal Court that could hardly be surpassed.

In fact, our roots are probably deepest in Queens Criminal Court.  Queens is where James Shalley and I were "born" as criminal defense lawyers way back in 1989 and 1990.  For the first five or six years of our careers, Queens Criminal Court was all that we knew, every single day, battling cases out in Queens Criminal Court.  We were Queens criminal lawyers and only Queens criminal lawyers for the first five or six years of our young careers.

When we decided to form Shalley and Murray, we naturally began to venture out into the wider world and began to become familiar with New York City courts beyond Queens Criminal Court.  But for our office we did not venture far from the nest.  Our first office was directly across the street from Queens Criminal Court.  And although we have since moved from that modest office to more luxurious surroundings, we are still by Queens Criminal Court.

Especially to people with no experience having to appear in Criminal Court, accused of a crime, Queens Criminal Court can seem an intimidating and even frightening place.  But to us, Queens Criminal Court is as familiar and comfortable as our own living rooms.  We are familiar figures to virtually all the players in the Courthouse and for many of them, we have grown up together.  Several prosecutors who we once sparred with at trial in Court are now judges whom we regularly and happily appear before.  Many prosecutors who we grew up learning to be lawyers with have significantly advanced in the Queens District Attorney's Office and now hold positions of power and authority.  Several former Queens Criminal defense lawyer colleagues are now Judges themselves.

We have advanced to a stage in our careers where we and our clients can benefit from the credibility and respect we have earned over years of practicing in Queens Criminal Court.  This is nothing sinister, but rather a natural course of events in life.  Twenty seven years of conducting yourself a certain way earns you a level of trust and confidence that makes negotiations smoother and more productive, and makes for a likely more positive experience for the client.

So yes, while we of course have experience these days all over New York City as local counsel in all New York City Criminal Courts (other than Staten Island), we can also proudly say that we are Queens Criminal Lawyers.  We were born into being as young Queens Criminal Lawyers and we have grown up as Queens Criminal Lawyers.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Queens Criminal Court, we can help you. Whether you are charged with assault in the third degree, petit larceny, drug possession, marijuana case, suspended license, domestic violence or something entirely different, we have most likely handled countless similar cases in Queens Criminal Court. We can draw upon more than 27 years of life as criminal lawyers practicing on nearly a daily basis in Queens Criminal Court.  We can help you.  There's no place like home.

We are truly Queens Criminal Lawyers.

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