James Shalley Earns Another Trial Victory in Westchester County

Founding partner James Shalley earned yet another trial victory in Westchester local court in North Salem on Monday, October 22, securing acquittals on all counts in a contentious trial in which his client was accused of horrific sounding (but false) road rage type charges.

In fact, the purported victim created dangerous conditions on the road by driving erratically and caused an accident in which Mr. Shalley’s client was injured. Injured and unable at first to speak to the police in detail, the so-called victim was able to spin his story to turn it around on our client. The alleged victim’s wife, who arrived at the scene more than thirty minutes later claimed at the trial to have been following her husband and to have observed the entire chain of events.

Through hours long cross examinations of the alleged victim and his wife, and the police officer, Mr. Shalley was able to undercut the believability of their story. The Judge himself indicated at the conclusion of the trial that he found that the alleged victim’s were not credible, and that he ultimately did not believe that the wife was following so closely that she observed any of the events she claimed to describe.

All of this was highlighted through Mr. Shalley’s detailed, relentless cross examination.

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