Based on your answers, it looks like you are probably eligible to get your conviction sealed under New York Criminal Procedure Law Section 160.59!  

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The law allows people to represent themselves in Criminal Court in any case, even a murder case.  So sure, the technical answer to the question "could" you file this motion yourself is, "Of course you could."  The question, however, is whether your chances of successfully winning the motion are better if you do it yourself, worse if you do it yourself, or exactly the same if you do it yourself.  And the answer is probably not much in doubt.  

The motion to seal a conviction in New York involves trying to convince a Judge to use his or her discretion to do something that involves weighing at least seven specific factors identified by the new law.  The motion involves persuading a Judge.  The Prosecutor or Judge could require that a hearing be held in Court where evidence is taken and witnesses are examined. 

If only there existed a profession of people who are licensed by the Government to meet certain educational standards, who are trained and experienced in the art of persuading Judges and wgi regularly spar with other similar professionals in the formal setting of Court.  If such a group of people existed, wouldn't they be ideally suited to make a motion to seal with a better chance of success than someone who has no formal training in the making of arguments or persuading Judges or has no formal training in the presentation of evidence or examination of witnesses?

Good news.  There is such a group of people.  These people are called lawyers.  In my case, not only do I meet the general qualification of being a lawyer, but I happen to have been practicing criminal defense for more than 25 in New York City.  That means that I have spent more than the last 25 years in Court nearly every day trying to persuade Judges about things.  In many cases in New York City, therefore, I will also have had the experience of persuading the very Judge who will hear your motion to seal a conviction.  This is why it makes sense to get professional help to file your motion to seal in New York.


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Congratulations!  This is Don Murray.  I am a partner here at Shalley and Murray, and I hope you are happy to learn that it looks like you very well may be eligible to have your conviction(s) sealed under the new law.

This is exciting news.  Now you should verify this exciting news with a criminal defense lawyer familiar with the new sealing laws and start planning to file your motion.

I would be delighted to help you with the motion, as I have already helped many others across New York City and Nassau County.