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Shalley and Murray has been a New York City Criminal Defense Law Firm since 1996.  Since then, the firm has expanded to an additional office in Westchester County from which we serve the multitude of local criminal courts in Westchester and Putnam Counties.  Shalley and Murray, has earned an outstanding reputation in the New York legal community for being an established provider of quality representation for those accused of crimes.


Real experience is more than simply the tick of time as it passes you by.   Real experience is the summation of all the lessons you learned along the way.  For more than 20 years we have been there - in court, nearly every day - not just physically there, but mentally engaged, watching and learning.

When you come to Shalley and Murray you can expect to have a lawyer who has the benefit of more than 20 years of experience in the very court where you find yourself.  When we walk into courtrooms, most of the judges are familiar with us.  Some of them we have appeared before since the day we started.  Most of the prosecutors are familiar with us.  Most of the court staff are familiar with us.  All of this familiarity translates for our clients into a better experience in court.  Deep familiarity means for our clients a higher level of predictability about what to expect in their cases in their particular courtroom in front of their particular judge.

real commitment to criminal defense

Criminal Defense is not our hobby.  It isn't something we do "a little".  Criminal Defense is not our latest career move.  We are not former prosecutors.  Criminal defense has been and is our passion.   We are proud to be criminal defense lawyers.  

Our Partners

The founding partners, Don Murray and James Shalley, bring decades of criminal defense experience in New York City Criminal Courtrooms to bear in helping people through some difficult times.  

Don Murray, partner at Shalley and Murray.

Don Murray, partner at Shalley and Murray.

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James Shalley, partner at Shalley and Murray.

James Shalley, partner at Shalley and Murray.